mad about sugar

Annalee has been an artist since she could hold a crayon and has had a sweet tooth ever since she could dig the tiny marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms® cereal box. Her brand, Sugar Mad, came together when Annalee linked her love of sugary treats and the sweet memories she has of being a kid with the grown-up artist she is today.

Mornings at the breakfast table included pulling out paper, clay, beads, or markers from the nearby pie cabinet and beginning the day with creativity. She fondly recalls tea parties with scones, eating candy necklaces and putting them on her stuffed animals, summertime lemonade stands at the end of her driveway and digging through her granny’s purse for peppermints. 

Now that Annalee is an adult, she loves to create things that are reminiscent of her childhood favorites through creativity, color, and design— all 100% free of calories (or cavities)! From her uniquely designed ribbon candy earrings to her doodled stickers and paper goods, Annalee has recreated the juicy, sweet, and colorful days of her childhood when she used to lick the cake batter bowl, chew on skittles in the movie theater with her dad, and play for hours in her mother’s art studio.

She hopes you will find a little of your own childhood remembered in her playful designs.